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Coronavirus Email - 17th March, 2020.

by Rom Tuohey | Mar 24, 2020

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Hello Everyone,

The health and wellbeing of our employees, contractors, customers and suppliers and all their families is of utmost importance. Therefore we are relaying the attached information regarding Coronavirus. Please ensure that these sheets and this email are printed off and displayed in suitable places at your worksites.

The attached Self-assessment flowchart from the Department of Health provides a clear process that we expect everyone to follow. Please particularly note the definitions of CLOSE and CASUAL CONTACT.

To date we have had no reported cases of Coronavirus across our workplaces and people. It is our aim to maintain this position and to keep our sites operating but if we cannot achieve this and have to close a site or send staff home, it is OK; health and wellbeing is the most important thing. Hopefully we won’t run out of critical inputs such as cement, fuel and explosives.

What you are being asked to do on the attached sheets is:

  1. Practice good personal hygiene vigorously,
  2. Monitor your own health and that of your family closely,
  3. Avoid contact with people who exhibit flu symptoms or are known to have Coronavirus and,
  4. If you exhibit flu symptoms yourself or have had contact with someone who definitely has Coronavirus please don’t come to work, follow the attached advice and, as appropriate, get tested and self-quarantine/isolate.
  5. Do not return to work until you are properly well and have been given the all clear by a Doctor.

Full and part-time staff will be able to access carer’s and sick leave ie personal leave, as required. If you are concerned about running out of leave please advise your site manager who will pass the enquiry on to your GM so that we can review your pay and leave situation well before you experience any financial difficulties.

It is unclear how long this situation will continue. Additional measures may be required as circumstances change or conditions worsen. I will endeavour to keep everyone informed.

Thanks for your co-operation. I am sure everyone appreciates how import it is that we work together to manage these very difficult circumstances.

Kind regards,

John Mawson



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