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Coronavirus Email - 26th March, 2020

by Paul Hagan | Mar 27, 2020
2001628_COVID-19 Self assessment for risk
CCAA Business Continuity Guideline COVID19 250320

Hello Everyone,

We at Mawsons remain healthy, busy and open for business! This may change if Governments tighten restrictions but in the meantime we must remain focused on the safety of our people (and their families), the efficiency of our operations and our customers’ needs. We are working on contingency plans if things do change. 

Having a very strong business, spread across a wide area and large reserves I am confident that we can come through Coronavirus with our people together and operations still in good shape.
There remains an enormous challenge before us and we must be very diligent in following all necessary steps particularly all aspects of Social Distancing, to slow the spread of the Virus.

Please contact either Steve McNair or Jasmine Shelley with details of any (ie all) employees who are currently (now and in the future) absent from work due to an illness of any kind. This will allow us to follow these people up and ensure that they are fully fit before they return to work. Of course if any member of your teams have been overseas recently or believe they may have been in contact with an infected person, the processes in the Self-assessment flowchart (as attached and previously circulated) must be followed. Temporary plant closure and cleaning protocols may also be required. If in doubt, call Steve or Jasmine.

The Employee Assistance Program (phone 1300 360 364 or via intranet link) is a valuable resource for anyone who is experiencing difficulties of any kind.  Please make use of it if you feel the need.

The attached industry-specific CCAA guideline has some very good plant-level instructions which should be circulated to site managers to print out, pass on and display to all weighbridge staff, batchers, drivers, operators, mechanics etc. This should reinforce the procedures that we are already following.  A typical tool box meeting will not be allowable so one-on-one’s while removed by 1.5m or more, will be required. Note the issues under the “Mobile Plant Operator” heading; I would suggest that hand contact points on machinery be thoroughly wiped down with a clean cloth soaked in hot, soapy water (this would ideally be done with alcohol wipes but they are very scarce) whenever operators swap over. Also rather than eating in machine cabins it is probably better to get out of the cabin away from the plant and any dust and have the occasional stretch. We have enough open space around our sites to do this. Always stay well away from others and regularly wash your hands thoroughly especially before eating or drinking anything.

Thanks again for your great efforts under difficult circumstances.

Kind regards,

John Mawson


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