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Coronavirus Email - 29th June, 2020 - Continuation of Coronavirus Control Measures at Mawsons

by Rom Tuohey | Jun 30, 2020

Mawsons Revised Coronavirus site protocols 15 June 2020

Hello Everyone,

As you all will be well aware the rates of Coronavirus infections are now increasing again. Fortunately, at Mawsons, we continue to be Coronavirus free and open for business at all of our sites. In order to retain our Coronavirus-free status it will be necessary to retain all our existing controls for at least another month (ie at least until July 31st).

The latest revised site protocols that were introduced on June 15th are attached again for your reference. These now remain unchanged.

Our paperless delivery protocols for concrete and quarries remain in place, unchanged since April 1st.

I greatly appreciate the efforts that everyone is putting in to stay well and operating. Special thanks to Steve and Jasmine who continue to monitor all staff sickness-related absences. This reporting measure along with strict social distancing, regular hand washing, working from home, minimising machine sharing, cleaning machines between operators, paperless deliveries and all our site protocols (as attached) are proving effective and will continue to keep us safe so long as we stick with them.

Like everyone I eagerly await a real improvement in Coronavirus infection rates so that we can resume moving things back to normal but unfortunately that is not going to happen during July!

If you are finding any aspect of the current situation difficult please speak to your GM or Steve or Jasmine or contact the confidential Employee Assistance Service on 1300 360 364. Remember it is still quite ok for people to take annual leave.

Can managers please ensure that this email is posted on site notice boards. It will also be put onto the Intranet and Website news tabs.

Thanks again for your continued co-operation.

Kind regards,




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