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Switch to Renewable Electricity

by Rom Tuohey | Aug 03, 2020

Hello everyone,

I am very pleased to advise that as of September 1st this year Mawsons will be sourcing all of our mains ie grid, supplied electricity from renewable sources. This is part of the Sustainability component of our Social Responsibility Policy.

To help promote this innovative, industry-leading switch to renewables we (mainly Bruce and Rachael actually) have been taking team photos and placing stickers (of our Renewable Electricity logo) on our trucks and large signs at the front of our plants. From next week we will also be running radio advertisements and articles with advertisements in local newspapers and industry publications. Bumper stickers for customers and our utes and Fact Sheets (same as attached here) will also be distributed to plants next week.

The Fact Sheet describes how the renewable electricity is generated and delivered to our sites. This process is not simple but hopefully you can make sense of the information here and use it to help explain the mechanics of our switch if anyone asks you. Please forward this Fact Sheet to any customer who asks and attach it to any quotes where you believe it can add value. 100% renewable electricity_Fact Sheet_FA

Unfortunately a couple of sites will have to continue using diesel gensets because they are not connected to the grid or we don’t own the land the plant is on. This will remain the case until alternatives can be found.

We hope to continue with our solar panel program installation program across numerous concrete plants in the new year. This will add further weight to our environmental credentials.

If you have any questions about our switch to renewable electricity please call Simon or myself.

Kind regards,






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