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To Social Wellbeing

A place of life.

Mawsons is committed to providing our employees with positive and healthy working environments. 

We consider Mawsons a place of life rather than a place of work. We affirm this by appreciating the needs of our people and being flexible enough to adapt to life’s many requirements and unforeseen events. 

To promote healthy individuals who take care of their own health properly, Mawsons provides annual health and hearing checks, as well as a counselling service. Each year we hold a family day designed to bring all our people together, to acknowledge each other’s contributions and celebrate being part of the Mawsons’ family.

Sometimes it is the little things that make a difference, like weekly deliveries of fresh fruit to each of our sites. We also have a firm Sunsmart policy in place. If a staff member wants to quit smoking then we will help them with the associated costs.

Whether it’s our everyday or annual initiatives, Mawsons is pleased to contribute to the ongoing welfare of our people. We are always on the lookout for more programs that will make Mawsons an even greater place of life.     


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