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Decorative Quarry Options

Various Rock Colours

Our quarry operations across the region source different rock types, producing a wide variety of colours and textures from which you can choose.

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Landscaping with Quarry Products

Aside from stone or pebbles for mulching and weed suppressants, stunning architectural finishes can be achieved with a little bit of imagination, from rock walls to paving using natural stone. Applying stone features and river pebbles to your home, garden and pool areas can help merge the all three into one continuous living space.

Feature Pieces

Mawsons can provide feature pieces for your garden or water sculpture and monument requirements. We can also assist you when selecting your unique piece.

Decorative Walls

From poolside water features, to internal walls to outdoor drystone retaining walls, Mawsons has the right stone to compliment your internal or external decor. 

Gabion Baskets

A great landscaping focal point, gabion baskets filled with stone or river pebbles can be used for erosion control, seating, boundary definition or as a creative highlight in elements such as mazes or water features.

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